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  1. I don’t know where you read that EN was the most important composer in Portugal in the XXth century! You shoud inform first about the music of this country. Fernando Lopes-Graça is much more important than Nunes, whom was not played almost excepto for Gulbenkian, and in last 10 years by Casa da Música. The first opera he composed made theatres empty after haf an hour of the beggining. That he was suported by big institutions, like Gulbenkian, that is true, but in real life, nobody wanted to listen to his music or to play it unless forced to do it because os those two or three big institutions. Nunes is another example of a kind of modernist artist whose music nobody wants but makes a career because some snobs want to impose him to the public. He was already not played or listen to, with his death even those few concerts will finish to exist. Like so many others, complete oblivion will be is final destination. On the contrary, the music of Lopes-Graça, Joly Braga Santos and other really important portuguese composers is still being played, more than ever…

  2. Braga Santos y Lopez-Graça son compositores pésimos al lado de Emmanuel Nunes. Y sí, como portugués, nuestro gran compositor moderno, auténticamente moderno, Emmanuel Nunes, nos ha dejado.

  3. “Lopez”??? You are so portuguese as my dog… I am portuguese AND a musician, and you can consider what you want about Nunes, his music will not be played by anyone now that he died and Gulbenkian stop the support it gave to him because only of personal friendship with Pereira Leal. In less than 5 years no music from Nunes will be played, as is the case with many other from the second half of the century: how many works from Nono, Stockhausen and others are being played now? Very, very few. So, wake up to reality. This kind of music is of no interest.

  4. Lopes-Graça, Luis de Freitas Branco, Joly Braga Santos, Jorge Peixinho, António Pinho Vargas… must I continue? You don’t know about portuguese music or else you would not endorse this abusive title. Emmanuel Nunes is certainly a good musician but to consider him the greatest is an abuse. His music was outdated, is music from the 50 and 60, like Boulez. Nobody now listens to that, he never evolved himself, got stucked in the past.

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